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  • Solar Wall Fan, Day & Night Extractor in Black

Solar Wall Fan, Day & Night Extractor in Black

Breakthrough in technology, an extractor ventilator powered by sunlight or ambient light, no electricity and no mains power source needed. No wiring, no plugs, no noise, and once installed no running cost whatsoever. 

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  • Fully automatic operation powered by solar energy
  • Avoid heat build-up at an area being ventilated
  • Prevent mold, condensation, mildew, musty odors, damp, etc
  • Water resistant, no-noise, safe and pollution free
  • Two years limited warranty
  • Easy installation

Application: For caravans, boats, green houses, RVs, trucks, lorries, vans, offices, home conservatories, kitchens or bathrooms. Lofts, horse boxes, stables, farm buildings, unoccupied holiday homes and many others.


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