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Sunshine Flexi Battery Maintainer 15W 12V Kit

Our SUN015 - 15W 12V Kit is ideal for preventing natural to small 12V battery drains, typically from alarm/tracking systems, bilge pumps etc. The kit includes a set of four suction cups so the solar panel can be easily mounted inside or outside on a window, windscreen, roof light. The Solar Panel boasts ultra pure silicon delivering optimal power conversion when used externally. Performance will be reduced when the Solar Panel is used internally behind glass this can be 20%+ depending on the tint and glass thickness.


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The Sunshine Flexi Battery Maintainer 15W 12V Kit is supplied with a solar charge controller to protect the battery from being overcharged so the system can be left connected permanently if required. Using the Male Cigar Adaptor you can trickle charge the battery from the cigar socket, however the cigar socket will need to be permantly live, if this is not the case Crocodile Clips offer an alternative solution.


Kit Contents

1 x Sunshine Solar Flexible Curve 15W 12V

1 x Sunshine Charge Regulator 12V - 7AMP

1 x 3m extension cable 

1 x Crocodile Clips 

1 x Male Cigar Adaptor 

1 x Set of 4 Suction Cups

Solar Panel Features

  • fastFIX Flexible Solar Panel
  • 20° flexibility
  • Ultra Pure Silicon for maximum power conversion
  • Solid Copper Foundation for maximum strength
  • Coated surface which can be walked on in deck shoes.
  • Highly efficient monocrystalline cells
  • Conforms to curved solid surfaces
  • 4 x fixing eyelets
  • Twin Core Cable fitted with type S-S Connector (length 900mm)

Solar Panel Specifications

  • Pmax: 15W
  • Ipm: 0.76A
  • Vpm: 19.8V
  • Isc: 0.82A
  • Voc: 23.7V

Size: 485mm x 310mm x 2.5mm

Weight: 0.65kgs

Each solar panel is individually tested to ensure that field performance meets or exceeds specifications and this is backed up by a 2 year guarantee for workmanship.



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