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  • Sunshine Solar & Wind Power Kit 305W - 12V

Sunshine Solar & Wind Power Kit 305W - 12V

Utilise two natural resources with the Sunshine Solar and Wind Power kit. With a maximum power output of 305W - 12V popular applications for this combination solar and wind kit include static caravans and remote location buildings. The HRDi Solar and Windcharger controller supplied with this kit features latest technology for charge regulation of one or two seperate battery banks from small Rutland wind turbines and solar panels.

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  • 1 x Sunshine Solar Panel Monocrystalline 150 Watt 12 Volt
  • 1 x Rutland FM910-4 Windcharger 12 Volt
  • 1 x HRDi Solar and Windcharger controller
  • 1 x 6m Solar Extension Cable & Connectors
  • 1 x 10m Windcharger Extension Cable

Solar Panel Specifications

  • Product Code. SSP150M
  • Max Power. 150W ± 3%
  • Max Power Voltage. 18.10V
  • Max Power Current. 8.31A
  • Open Circuit Voltage. 22.40V
  • Short Circuit Current. 8.66A
  • Normal Operating Cell Temp. -45 to 80°C
  • Max System Voltage. DC1000V
  • Weight. 11.2Kgs
  • Dimensions. 669 x 1470 x 35mm

Rutland 914i Windcharger Specifications

  • Cut in Windspeed. 3 m/s
  • Output Voltages Available (Nominal). 12V
  • Packed Weight & Dimensions. 13.1kg 370 x 300 x 450mm
  • Generator Type. Low friction 3 phase, brushless
  • Yaw Rotation. Slipring for 360° free rotation. Low brush wear.
  • Governing Devices. Tail fin mechanically furls at 15m/s to reduce turbine speed.
  • Turbine Diameter. 910 mm
  • Turning Radius. 794 mm
  • Net Weight. 13.1 kg

Wind Power / Current Ratings:

  • 5m/s     10knots.  19W (1.4A)
  • 11m/s   21knots.  92W (6.6)
  • 15m/s   29knots.  155W (11.2A)


Rutland FM910-4 Windcharger technical information can be found HERE

HRDi Controller technical information can be found HERE


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