Farmstream 360 Degree CCTV Camera 4G - 12V

360 Degree CCTV 4G Security Camera able to track a moving target. Cover a larger area with just one camera! This Camera can be powered from a 12V battery and a solar panel making it ideal for monitoring remote locations.

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4G allows this camera to connect to the internet in locations with no phone line or internet connection. 

This Farmstream 360 degree camera will allow you to keep an eye on your property and livestock no matter where that may be. The camera comes with 4G connectivity to the internet which allows you to control the camera and view live images from your tablet, mobile phone or computer from anywhere in the world. 

Perfect for use in stables, yards and barns that have no existing wifi connectivity. Can be used with one of our our off-grid solar kits to allow it to be used in locations that have no mains power. 

  • 355 degree camera mobility (pan) and 90 degree tilt 
  • High definition images from 5 Mega Pixel camera 
  • 170 degree angle of view 
  • 30x optical zoom 
  • 200m daylight vision 
  • 80m night vision 
  • 4G connectivity (supplied with giffgaff sim card) 
  • IP66 rated - fully weatherproof - can be permanently mounted outside 
  • 1 year warranty 
  • 30 day money back guarantee.

Ideal for Outdoor Locations 

This camera is fully weatherproof so can be mounted indoors or outdoors. It is ideal for use in and around stables, farm buildings, yards and in remote locations. 

4G Connectivity  

The camera comes with a giffgaff sim card (O2 network) that allows connection to the internet via 4G. The giffgaff sim allows you to tailor your data package to suit your use of the camera. The camera is "unlocked" so can be used with a different sim card if you wish. If you have access to a wifi connection at the camera location we also sell a cheaper wifi version of this camera: 360 Degree Camera Wifi Version. If you dont have a wifi connection at the camera location 4G is the cheapest option. 

If you're not sure you have 4G coverage at the site you want to use the camera you can check here: OFCOM coverage check. 

The ongoing cost with giffgaff depends on how often you check your camera; you will spend typically 6/month on data and potentially upwards towards 10/month in very busy periods (for example during lambing or calving). With giffgaff packages you can change the amount of data you are buying monthly depending on how often you view the cameras, you can also pause the data package if you are not using the cameras for a prolonged period of time. 

Mains Electric or 12V Power Supply 

As standard the camera is powered from a 230V AC plug socket (normal mains power socket). With the optional 12V Battery Connector is it is also possible to power the camera directly from a 12V battery. The 12V battery option may be useful if you only need to use the camera for short periods (during night time lambing for example) or move the camera to different locations. The optional battery cable is available here: Farmstream 12V Leisure Battery Cable. The camera comes with a 50cm power lead as standard. Extension cables can be ordered here: Farmstream 10m Extension Cable. 

Optional Solar Power 

If your site has no mains electricity connection then solar power is the ideal way to provide a reliable, year around power supply to your camera.

Recorded and Live Footage - Optional SD Memory Card

Live footage can be veiwed at any time of day or night. With the addition of an optional micro SD memory card, footage can be recorded allowing you to look back in time at any activity - essential for security purposes. Recordings can be continuous or set to be triggered by movement. Movement triggers can also send live alerts to your phone or tablet. It's easy to configure and both live and recorded footage can be viewed on your phone, tablet or PC from anywhere in the world. The 64Gb micro SD card will store approximately approximately 2 weeks of motion recording. If you require more memory, the cameras are compatible with micro SD cards up to 256Gb. 

30x Optical Zoom 

Impressive 30x optical zoom allows you to get a close up view of your animals, property or maybe that vehicle number plate. 

360 Degree Movement 

Full 360 degree movement allows a large area to be monitored. Movement of the camera can be controlled from your mobile or tablet from anywhere in the world. 


30X Optical Zoom 

Zoom in to experience a close up view of your livestock or property anytime, anywhere. 

Control The Movement With A Swipe Of A Finger

Take full control of your camera via a mobile from anywhere in the world. 

80M Of Night Vision

Rest easy knowing you have access to a clear view of your animals, machinery or property day and night. 

Intelligent Recording 

Simply insert a micro SD card into the camera to enable recording, and stream and download recorded footage directly to your mobile.  

  • Record 24/7 
  • Set specific recording periods 
  • Automatically record if motion is detected 

Motion Tracking

The 360 Degree Camera can now automatically identify human movement and track a moving target. Perfect if you're using your camera for security to cover a larger area with just one camera!

Product category  View from any device 
Product category  Connect via 4G
Product category  IP66 Rated
Product category  Smart Notifications
Product category  5MP HD
Product category  Human Detection
Product category  80m Night Vision 
Product category  Plug & Play

What's In The Box? 

  • Farmstream 360 camera 
  • UK mains power supply 
  • Mounting bracket 
  • Antennas 
  • Speaker 
  • Giffgaff SIM (4G models only) 
  • Screws & fittings 

Simple Installation 

The camera comes pre-configured so no technical knowledge is required. All you need to do is fix the camera to the wall or roof and plug it into the power source.
Perfect For Security Or Livestock Monitoring.


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