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Portable power kits for emergency backup are essential tools that provide a reliable source of electricity when the main power supply is disrupted. Our range of kits consist of a portable power station along with various accessories and adapters. Here are some key points about portable power kits for emergency backup: 

  • Portable Power Stations: These are battery-powered units that can store and deliver electrical energy. They are commonly equipped with AC outlets, USB ports, and DC ports, allowing you to power a variety of devices such as laptops, phones, lights, and small appliances.  
  • Solar Panels: eTrek portable power kits can be recharged using solar panels, making them a sustainable and eco-friendly option for emergency backup power. Solar panels can be purchased separately. 
  • Battery Capacity and Runtime: The battery capacity of a portable power station determines how long it can power your devices. Higher capacities, measured in watt-hours (Wh) or milliamp-hours (mAh), generally provide longer runtimes. 
  • Charging Options: In addition to solar panels, portable power kits can be recharged from various sources, such as wall outlets, or car outlets. 
  • Portability and Weight: Portable power kits are designed to be easily transportable, with carrying handles for convenience. 
  • Safety Features: All eTrek Portable Power Kits include built-in safety features like overload protection, short-circuit prevention, and temperature control to ensure safe operation. 

Portable power kits for emergency backup are invaluable for situations like power outages, camping trips, outdoor events, or any scenario where access to reliable electricity is crucial. By having a portable power kit on hand, you can ensure that essential devices and appliances remain powered, providing peace of mind and preparedness during emergencies.

eTrek 1200W Portable Power Station
£1,035.00 £775.00 (Save 25%)
107 Points
eTrek 2400W Portable Power Station
£1,089.00 £985.00 (Save 10%)
184 Points
eTrek 2400W Portable Power Station
184 Points
eTrek 3000W Portable Power Station
£2,769.00 £1,899.00 (Save 31%)
288 Points

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