Along with solar and wind generators Sunshine Solar have carefully selected a number of Hyundai diesel, petrol and LPG generators that we feel offer additional benefits to our customers. 


The Hyundai range of portable diesel generators are designed to provide reliable standby power for homes or businesses which lose national grid power suddenly and those who rely on off grid power such as solar or wind, if power generation falls short at certain times of the year. 


Petrol generators encompass designs specifically for the leisure markets in the form of inverter generators, along with an extensive range of commercial and industrial open frame generators. 


Saving what we feel is the best till last comes LPG generators, which offer significant fuel savings up to 50% when compared to petrol generators. This increased fuel performance also helps reduce servicing requirements.  

These are just two benefits, here are some more 

  • LPG generators, produce less exhaust emissions than petrol including CO2, NOx and SOx (less smell or soot).  
  • LPG generators, produce less noise when compared to petrol and diesel generators. 
  • LPG generators, easier to refuel with a cylinder than handling diesel or petrol.  


"Greener, Cleaner and more efficient thatís why LPG generators get a big thumbs up from us".


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