Cyrix-Li-Ct 12/24V 120A Intelligent Li-Ion Battery Combiner

CYR010120412 - The Cyrix Battery Combiner is a microprocessor controlled heavy duty relay that automatically connects batteries in parallel when one of them has reached a pre-set voltage (indicating that the battery is being charged), and disconnects when the voltage decreases below float level (indicating that one or more batteries are being discharged).

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Features of the - Cyrix-Li-Ct 12/24V 120A Intelligent Li-Ion Battery Combiner

The functionality of the Cyrix-Li-ct is analogous to the Cyrix-ct. 

The Cyrix-Li-ct will parallel connect a lead acid starter battery and a LiFePO4 battery: 

  • if the charge disconnect output of the VE.Bus BMS is high
  • if it senses 13,4 V (resp. 26,8 V) or more on one of its power terminals 

The Cyrix will disengage immediately: 

  • when its control output becomes free floating, signalling cell over voltage or cell over temperature, and/or 
  • when battery voltage drops below 13,2 V 

Start assist function: a short positive pulse will close the relay during 30 seconds. A built-in transient voltage suppressor will limit the voltage spike that may occur when the Cyrix suddenly disengages due to cell overvoltage or over temperature.


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