Victron Orion 24/12V-70A DC-DC Converter IP20

ORI241270020 - DC-DC Converters are used to step up or step down DC Voltages. The Orion 24/12V-70A is a step down converter and is used to power 12 Volt devices on vehicles and boats with 24 Volt DC Systems.

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Features of the - Victron Orion 24/12V-70A DC-DC Converter IP20

Victron Orion voltage dropper designed to convert an input voltage of 24V DC (in fact anywhere between 18V and 35V DC) into a 12V DC output. 

The output voltage of this model can be adjusted between 10 volts and 15 volts DC. This voltage converter is suitable for use on most electrical items on board boats, motorhomes and other automotive applications, including charging a 12V battery on a 24V system. 

The converter features a remote on-off connector switch enabling it to be operated with a low power switch or by the engine run/stop switch. It can also be connected in parallel with up to 4 other Orion converters to increase the output current. 

These droppers are easy to install with no special tools needed. Victron Energy Orion 24/12-25 DC-DC converters are very efficient, running at 96% efficiency due to the use of active rectification (also known as synchronous rectification).

Remote on-off connector 

The remote on-off eliminates the need for a high current switch in the input wiring. The remote on-off can be operated with a low power switch or by the engine run/stop switch (see manual). 

All models with adjustable output can also be used as a battery charger 

For example to charge a 12 Volt starter or accessory battery in an otherwise 24V system. 

All models with adjustable output can be paralleled to increase output current 

Up to five units can be connected in parallel. 

Easy to install 

Delivery includes four Insulated Fastons Female Crimp 6.3mm (eight Fastons in case of the Orion 24/12-40).


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