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Low Energy Lighting

Switching to low energy lighting is one of the easiest ways to reduce your energy consumption.


What is an LED?

A light-emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor device (LED chip) that emits visible light when an electric current passes through it - essentially it converts electricity into light. When one or more LED's are combined with an electrical driver and placed in a housing unit, you have a complete LED system. 

Benefits of LED Lighting

Long-life- LED bulbs last far longer than incandescent lighting and up to 10 times longer than compact fluorescents.

Durability- LEDs benefits from having no filament, unlike regular incandescent bulbs that are easily damaged, LED bulbs can withstand jarring, vibration and perform well in cold weather conditions.

Cooler operation - LED light bulbs heat build-up is a lot less than incandescent bulbs.

Mercury-free- No mercury is used in the manufacturing of LED light bulbs.

Efficient- LED light bulbs use only 1/30th of Incandescent or CFL bulbs typically extending battery life by 10 to 15 times longer than with incandescent bulbs.

Cost-effective - although LED light bulbs are initially expensive, the cost is recovered over time and in battery savings. 

LED lighting saves -- money, energy, and the environment.